Saugatuck-Douglas, MI

Pizza Mambo


Customer Comment :)) forgive bad english - just learning. never there are piiza in my homeland. 2007 I come to live US and find about piza I hear talk about of and sometimes like this piiza idea for food and but get to michgan then many, sometimes not much so. but then now, my job should bring for me to live near what call west michigan now soonly. and so, when be of work time near saugtuck for some days, i find hunger. I think ok, I try piiza again so go to this mambo place and buy. I say now this is onlybest good piza food for me. when I go eat mambo, I am of so many happiness in my stomch. I wish I don't eat other food sometimes ever. as becuase piiza mambo is so good I love much to want all. best! for sure must be!

10 Blue Star Highway
Douglas, 49406
Phone: (269) 857-4400

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