Places to Get Books for Kids

There are plenty of places to get kid's books in Saugatuck / Douglas. Here are just a few:

Singapore Bank Book Store

Its always fun to go to the Singapore Banke Book Store because they have some cats. My mom usually gets a book for me and her to read on the beach. I just like to feed the cats. I think that everyone should visit this store.

The Library

The Library is so big! It's in Douglas. In the summer my mom and I read all these nice books and write down their names on paper. Then we bring it to the library and they gave me a surprise! I got a big beach ball! I even have my own library card and I use it all the time. My brother and I go to lots of fun activities at the library. We eat pizza and watch movies and have story time. Anyone can go! I love the library.

Please check out the Saugatuck / Douglas library: (Link will open a new window.)