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Artist Spotlight Exhibition Opening Featuring Debra Reid Jenkins

Venue: J. Petter Galleries
161 N. Blue Star Highway Douglas, MI 49406

Join us for a meet & greet and demonstration with Debra Reid Jenkins. As a painter, Debra's goal is to capture with paint specific moments in time on canvas. Ideally that canvas will behave more like a doorway than simply an object on the wall. Her original training was in portraiture with a strong emphasis on traditional skills and techniques sometimes referred to as academic training. The portrait work led to a career in illustration which she did for several years. During this time she was also learning to paint en Plein air taking her easel and painting out on location in all kinds of weather. Her background in figurative work shaped her approach to the landscape, which has always been a kind of portrait of place and time. Having learned what makes a person's face uniquely theirs, she uses those same observational skills in the landscape. 

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