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5th Annual Birds & Brews

2948 Blue Star Highway Douglas, MI 49406
It’s the 5th annual Live Birds of Prey & Beer Show with the Outdoor Discovery Center & SBC!

Get up close and personal with the raptors of the Outdoor Discovery Center on the Patio at SBC on Thursday, September 23rd at 6:00 pm.
You’ll see and learn about 5 different Birds of Prey and “pair” each bird’s personality with the characteristics of one of SBC’s beers. Each round includes a 5 oz sample of SBC beer. You will also receive a welcome pint of Oval Beach Blonde on your way in, just to get you comfortable while you wait for the show to start.
This year you'll get samples of the following beers from SBC: Bonfire Brown, Peanut Butter Porter, RADventure IPA, Cottonmouth Crusher, Barrel Aged LUX #13
Although this event is hosted at SBC, 100% of ticket proceeds from this event will be donated to the Outdoor Discovery Center and will go toward further education on and treatment of our local water sources. Always remember, without clean water, we can’t make great beer.

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