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Take The Art Coast Kindness Pledge



You’re here to relax. And we’re here to ensure that happens. Here’s how to manage expectations.


Staffing shortages across the nation have impacted the experiences people are receiving at restaurants and other businesses. There may be longer wait times, and regular menu items or store inventories may have changed. We understand that it all can be frustrating, especially when you’re on vacation. What’s important to know is that everyone—including the people serving you—wishes that things were easier and better for you. 

That’s why Saugatuck/Douglas has initiated our Art Coast Kindness Campaign. 

How It Works 

  • Each of our stores, restaurants, lodging establishments, and attractions pledge to provide you with the best service possible given this current environment. 
  • As a VISITOR, you pledge to “pack your patience” and adopt a “relax and be respectful” policy when you encounter slower service or extended wait times. We ask that you demonstrate kindness and understanding toward the people who are working hard to make your stay in the Art Coast a memorable one. 


By working together, we can turn those annoying inconveniences into more positive experiences for all.



Some other helpful tips to make the most of your stay with us: 

  • Whenever possible, make activity and dinner reservations well in advance or for less busy times.
  • Don’t be late for your scheduled time.
  • While waiting for a table, take advantage of our shopping as well as our social districts, where you can purchase alcoholic beverages from participating bars and restaurants and then enjoy them throughout the district's charming common areas.


So, adjust your expectations and take the Art Coast Kindness Pledge with us. And if you happen to capture how kindness is making a difference while you’re visiting, be sure to tag #ArtCoastKind on social media.

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