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Woosah Outfitters and Outside Coffee

450 West Center Street
Douglas, MI, 49406
8am-9pm Daily

Woosah Outfitters is a naturally inspired art and apparel brand based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan that features the artwork of founder and owner, Erica Lang. The designs and drive behind Woosah revolve largely around woodcuts and the outdoors. Each design and product is hand crafted in limited edition runs.

The word itself, “Woosah”, brings a sense of inner peace, calmness and stillness when said out loud. Take a deep breath in and exhale; that’s Woosah. For Erica many things bring this Woosah feeling but these two really do the trick: losing track of time in the studio carving and creating art and spending quality time in the outdoors, soaking in the beauty of nature.

We now rent bikes, beach chairs and umbrellas!

Whatever your Woosah is, we’re happy you’re here.


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