Unwind in the Art Coast of Michigan.

Bike Saugatuck

In Michigan, Autumn is one of the best times of the year to bike, due to “goldilocks weather” – not too hot or too cold, it’s just right. Plus, it’s one of the best ways to see the oranges, yellows and reds that the trees in Michigan take on during this time of the year. […]

8 Ways to Experience a Tour of Saugatuck/Douglas

Guided tours are a great way to experience the Saugatuck/Douglas community, as many of them are tailored toward specific interests like food, beverage, art or activities like running or biking. Below are nine ways that you can tour the Saugatuck/Douglas area this fall: Coastal Tours Coastal Tours offers a way to “experience the shore like […]

Top 5 Autumn Activities in Saugatuck/Douglas

There’s lots to do in Saugatuck/Douglas all year round, but fall is an especially special time to visit. From traditional autumn activities like apple picking and color tours to more creative ones like gallery walks and libation tours – spending time in Saugatuck/Douglas in the fall is an experience you’re sure to enjoy.

So It’s Raining…Now What?

After packing your itinerary full of beach activities, bike rides and boating, you’ve come to realize a rain cloud is quite literally clouding your vacation plans. Although this is not ideal, fear not. There are plenty of rain-friendly activities in the Saugatuck area. So although you may not get to spend your entire day sun tanning, […]

Labor Day Weekend: Must-Do List

September, sweet September. Labor Day Weekend is a glorious time in the Saugatuck area as you still get the heat of summer, with a cool unassuming breeze as the sun goes down. As you prepare for the fall season, we have created a must-do list of activities for whatever your interest may include. Whether you […]

19th Annual Mt. Baldhead Challenge: Multi-Terrain Race

What’s a better way to leap into the month of September and a new season than to challenge yourself and sign up for the 19th annual Mt. Baldhead Challenge on Saturday, September 8. As the race approaches its 20th anniversary in 2019, runners can expect a plethora of enhancements and surprises to gear up for […]

One More Hurrah: Summer Lingers in Saugatuck

Somehow June and July has slipped by and you never planned that vacation you dreamed of in May. Although June and July have come and gone, it’s not too late to plan a great vacation and soak up the final summer rays. Saugatuck summer lasts through September (and even into October most years), so now’s […]

Spas/Wellness in the Saugatuck Area

Let’s be honest, vacations can be exhausting. Being out in the sun, shopping, eating great food all day long – it’s not easy. So take a timeout and head to some of the areas’ best kept secrets. With these hidden locations throughout town – scattered throughout secret alleys and secluded plazas – you’re sure to […]

Antique Gems of the Saugatuck Douglas Area

The Saugatuck/Douglas area is filled with hidden gems just waiting to be uncovered. At every location, it’s true you have to keep an open mind and an open schedule. Whether you’re looking for a golden locket, a beautifully stained armoire or a collectible action figure, the possibilities are truly endless.   S a u g […]